Frequently Asked Questions


As an independent Celebrant I will be your sole point of contact throughout the planning stage right up to and including the delivery of your bespoke ceremony.
What kind of ceremonies do you offer?
It is your day, so I will work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your lives and lifestyle.
Where can I get married?
If you have a place that has a special significance in your lives then I will be happy to officiate, be it your garden, on a beach or in an orchard. Your ceremony can take place at any time of day or night and as I only book one ceremony per day you can take your time and take maximum pleasure from it.
Can we see the completed ceremony before our wedding day?
Your ceremony will be created in direct consultation with you and your partner and will be totally personalised, and there are no limits to the number of revisions that can be made. The decision on the final wording rests with you, after all it is your day and the day is all about you.
Can we write our own wedding vows?
I actively encourage couples to write their own vows, they should be from the heart and best kept secret from each other until the day. If you are struggling to create those meaningful words, then don’t worry, I have a number of examples that you can use and adapt as you wish.
Can I specify ceremony details such as music, readings, and vows?
Again this is your special day, you can include whatever you feel represents you as a couple.
Does it matter that one of us has been previously married, or that we have been living together?
I will be delighted to perform the ceremony for you it is a sign of new beginnings, a new life together.
We have children can they be involved?
Yes of course they can, children love weddings and I will find several ways to involve them.
Do you perform Same Sex Marriage Ceremonies?
Yes, being an Independent Celebrant means that there are no restrictions and I am happy to perform whatever ceremony you want, and in the style you want it.
I get very nervous if I have speak in public, do I have to say my vows?
It is your choice, if you are not comfortable speaking aloud in front of family and friends, then I can read them for you and you just acknowledge with a simple “I do”
As the Celebrant what do you wear?
Usually I would arrive dressed in a smart suit, white shirt and appropriate tie, however if you would prefer a more casual appearance that’s fine. It is your day, I just want to blend in.
What are the rules as to photography?
I have no set rules regarding photography, my only request is that your photographer remembers this is a wedding and while you will no doubt want photographs to remind you of your special day he or she should avoid being over enthusiastic.
When will you arrive?
Unless requested otherwise I will arrive at least one hour before the ceremony and stay as long as you require me to do so, this is your day. I will never book more than one ceremony per day.
How do we obtain the marriage license?
Under current English law, you need to attend your local registry office with two witnesses, these can be friends, family or total strangers! Please contact your local Registrar for the minimal legal requirements. Your vows, exchange of rings or other tokens can be saved for your ceremony with me as your Celebrant. As part of your ceremony I will ask you to sign your Wedding Certificate, but would remind you this is not a marriage license.
How soon do we need to book you?
Most Brides want a summer wedding in the hope of a warm sunny day, so it is important to book as early as you can. Weekends are most popular and tend to be booked first, so once you have decided on and booked the venue contact me without delay. I try to be flexible but your date will not be held until a signed contract and deposit is received.
How do we book you?
I recommend that you telephone or email me as soon as you have chosen the venue to check my availability. We can then arrange to meet for a preliminary, no obligation discussion to see if we can work together to create your special day. If you then decide to go ahead I will send you a booking form which should be completed and returned within seven days with your deposit which can be paid by cheque, BACS payment or postal order. Once received, I will commence work, it really is that simple. Once I’ve received your completed booking form and deposit you will receive a confirmation email and receive Unlimited email & telephone support.
Okay, now what?
So Click Here and lets get the ball rolling for your special day.